Republican challenger says Maxine Waters is more likely to be impeached than Trump

California congressional candidate Omar Navarro, who is running against Rep. Maxine Waters, said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” Thursday that if there’s anyone who should be impeached, it’s the California Democrat.

Navarro, who wants to take Waters’ district in the 2020 election, said his opponent could be removed from Congress for “disorderly behavior,” referring to her previous calls for confrontation and relentless pushing of the conspiracy that Trump colluded with the Russian government.

He also said his candidacy reflects the people’s views in the district since he offers something to unite behind rather than causing further division in the country.

“You know when I walk around in my district and I talk to voters, I talk to different voters, talk to the Hispanic community, which is the largest community, 54 percent of my district, you have to look what are the demographics,” he said.

“When I look at the demographics, I talk to the voters knocking on doors, people want to see someone that’s going to unite them,” Navarro added.

“They are seeing Maxine Waters dividing them. They are tired of it. They had her over 30 years. She has been in public service for 40 years. It’s time for a change. Time for someone that will bring back jobs, bring back stability and common sense into our district.”

The Republican candidate also reacted to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s early Thursday announcement that he was running, saying he’s using identity politics.

“That is the typical playbook of the Democrats. They use identity politics to divide people. They divide my community by using identity politics,” he said of Biden’s campaign launch. “I was Latino growing up, my parents are from Mexico and Cuba. I noticed this growing up, I used to see Democrats from all over Los Angeles using identity politics at their best.”

But Navarro said such divisive politics will backfire on Biden as it will only drive people away from the party. “One thing I’ve seen from the Democratic Party, that they have been pushing a lot of people away from the Democratic Party,” he said, pointing to increasingly hotheaded rhetoric by others.

Source: FoxNews