Rand Paul Mercilessly Twists The Knife Into John Brennan

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) has long opposed ex CIA director John Brennan’s role in Washington, and he’s making no secret that he’s delighted to see Brennan lose his security clearance.

From DailyCaller:
“I think John Brennan’s actually a national security risk to the country and we are safer because his security clearance’s gone,” Paul said.

“I think John Brennan’s actually a national security risk to the country and we are safer because his security clearance’s gone,” Paul said.

Paul did more than make general accusations though, he brought out some specific examples of Brenna’s activities that put Americans at risk.

“The reason I say that is in 2012 he actually released information to other ex CIA agents who went on TV and said, ‘oh, we have a double agent in Yemen.’ Well, at the time there was a double agent in Yamen, and his … life was put at risk because of John Brennan’s releasing information that he shouldn’t have.

“John Brennan was also involved with illegally looking at Democrat’s computers who were investigating CIA torture, and then lying about it before a committee.

“And now he’s someone that’s going out there saying that the Commander-in-Chief is treasonous I don’t know how you can in the chain of information if you’re saying that the Commander-in-Chief should be put to death for treason.

“He shouldn’t be within a mile of classified information because he’s a national security risk — he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut,” Paul reiterated.

This isn’t the first time Paul has spoken to the media about Brennan. From Brennan’s confirmation hearings, which Paul filibustered, Paul has believed Brennan to be bad news and has been open and vocal about that opinion.

When the issue of Brennan’s security clearance being revoked was brought up to him more than a month ago, Paul went so far as to say that there should be a “universal policy” that removed your security clearance when you leave the intelligence community, especially if you’re someone who makes television appearances.

“I would not probably even name names,” the Senator said. “I would probably have it as a universal policy, that when you leave – the only time I can think of a reason why you would want to keep this would be in a transition, when you’re still briefing people and you’re sitting down with the next administration, I would probably just go one step beyond and not let any retired officials go on television that still have classified – classified security clearance.”

As concerns Brennan’s comments about the President being put to death, Paul considers that fuel for the fire.

“That’s what we do for treason, and so, yes, I’m very concerned about him having privileges because of his past history, but I would make it more universal,” he said. “I don’t think that ex-CIA agents of any stripe, who are now talking heads, should continue to get classified information. I think it’s wrong.”