Pelosi gets revenge against Trump in middle of SOTU speech – Trolling Trump

President Trump began Tuesday’s State of the Union address by what some believe was snubbing the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

It is traditional for the speaker to introduce the president before an address to a Joint Session of Congress. But instead, Trump walked behind the podium and began speaking right away.

A senior House Democratic aide noted that Trump “blew through the customary introduction by the speaker.”

But Pelosi denied that this snub took place: “What do you mean? I introduced him,” Pelosi told reporters as she left the Capitol after the speech. “I did introduce him. I said, ‘Members of Congress, I present you the president of the United States.’ There was no snub.”

Pelosi did seem notedly unamused during the president’s speech. She spend much of the address frowning and rolling her eyes. At other instances in the speech, Pelosi read the hard copy of Trump’s speech along with him, right in view from behind the president.

There were times when she just couldn’t keep a poker face and hide her emotions.

Pelosi visibly shook her head and sighed when the president spoke of “ridiculous, partisan investigations” directed at him.

When President Trump mentioned his border wall, she sucked in her cheeks and pushed her lips together. She did not applaud.

But one line got her to stand and applaud with the rest of her party, when the president started off his night by saying: “Victory is not winning for our party. Victory is winning for our country,” she joined her party in cheering him.

The House Speaker also applauded him loudly, standing and raising her hands out to him, when he called for an end of “revenge politics.”

Do you believe that Trump snubbed Pelosi by not allowing her to introduce him to Congress? What do you think about the way that Pelosi handled herself during the speech?

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